Acne and Steroids: A Combination that will Never Mix

When you talk about acne, you would often picture red bumps with oozing pus. You may think this can’t get worse than this. You are wrong. There is a serious type of acne that does not only affect your skin layer but may also extend to your tissues and muscles. This type of acne can be life threatening and should, at any case, be prevented.

Have you heard of acne fulminans? Acne is often characterized by raised pustules commonly found on the face. That is the common notion of acne. However, like box of doughnuts with different flavors, acne also have different types. One of the most notorious types of acne is the acne fulminans. Unlike regular acne, acne fulminans can actually bore holes on your skin and can go deeper extending to your muscles and fat tissues. This chronic acne condition is often brought about by steroids.

Steroids are commonly used to flatten acne and to lighten dark spots. When used regularly, steroids can make your skin layer thin allowing the acne to penetrate deeper into your tissues. There is a strong correlation between steroid use and acne fulminans. Most individuals suffering from these condition have been regularly injected with steroids.

Aside from steroid abuse, acne fulminans can also be triggered by your immune system. When your immune system detects an overgrowth of acne bacteria, it sends the body’s defenses, the white blood cells and macrophages to the affected area. Like any war, there will always be casualties. Sometimes even healthy skin cells are destroyed during this process.

Acne fulminans can be life threatening as it puts more work on your kidneys. When tissues are damaged, your kidneys go to work to repair and eliminate the proteins that were destroyed. An overworked kidney can cause serious health problems. Your cardiac output may be decreased and your kidneys may fail.

It is always better to prevent acne and avoid these untoward complications. You need to find a treatment as soon as possible to treat your acne. If you are a steroid user, it is a must that you treat your acne problem the soonest to prevent the formation of acne fulminans. Over the counter acne treatments such as proactive may work for mild to moderate cases of acne. However, if your acne does not respond to over the counter acne treatments, you might as well go to a dermatologist for a thorough skin assessment and effective acne treatment.